Why do we suffer our past traumas?

Welcome to my blog!

In my work, I am constantly honored to meet amazing people who are good, intelligent, creative, wonderful people and who continue to suffer a past trauma in such a way that they are inhibited from the whole potential of their lives.  They suffer, sometimes quietly sometimes explosively.  I firmly believe that there are several options for these folks to work though, empower, and come out the other side with added richness, brilliance and confidence to live their whole lives.

The following posts are intended to educate and create hope.  I will distinguish among trauma, normal trauma stress reactions and the development of more long term problems such as anxiety and depression as well as the more insidious and pathogenic post-trauma disorders that can occur including what is known as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex PTSD (C-PTSD).  I will also talk about treatment options. My goal here is that you learn that the brain is an amazing organ and that it has truly phenomenal capabilities of repair, resilience and adaptation in the face of trial, tribulation, and trauma.  And like any amazing organ, machine, ecosystem (pick your metaphor), at times, the brain can become overwhelmed and processing and integration of a trauma event can falter in significant ways. When this occurs, suffering is the symptom.  The great risk is that the person begins to organize their lives around the past trauma and the suffering in such a way that it is never “done” or “over” and never secured into the past.

Let me offer you hope that there is a way through; there is a way to live your full life potential.